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Birthdays are for Momma's!

My sweet first born's birthday is today and today we celebrate her. We celebrate her sweet spirit, her sassy attitude, her tender heart, and her love for animals.

Every year this day comes around, and the birthdays of my other children, and every year I my heart cries big crocodile tears. While my child is so excited for her special day to finally be here, I am flooded with emotions remembering the wide ride to the hospital, the unknown feelings of what will happen and how do I do this, the euphoric experience that occurred when you were first placed in my arms. I remember your smell, your little eyes, your finger gripping onto mine. I will never forget the first time your daddy held you, looked you in the eyes, and promised to be your hero forever. Love is such a small word, yet hold enormous meaning when you look your baby in the eyes for the first time and realize that you are looking into the face of God.

As the years go by, I see your beautiful smile transform from a precious little girl into an incredible young lady. You are almost as tall as me, you have my eyes and nose, and you I'd love to

take credit for your witty personality and the sarcastic looks you give people when you know you're right.

God gave us precious little people to remind us daily of his mercy and newness each day.

So, today as I celebrate my first born's 9th birthday, I celebrate myself for the miracle that helped create, and I will also celebrate my God and how far he has brought us through these years.

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