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Glitter and Dirt

Women have lots of jobs. By far, my favorite is being a Momma!!

I dreamed of a little girl, with curls, who I could dress up in cute outfits with matching bows. I wished for the moments when she would take my hand and led me to play barbie dolls for hours. I longed for sweet memories of snuggles and cuddles with a little mini me. I prayed for a little princess just like you.

I can't believe the sass that comes from this tiny person. I stand in awe at the attitude you already possess. I live for the moments you wrap your arms around me to send me sweet whispers that I sometimes can't understand. I die a little bit inside each time you walk away. I prayed for strong will just like you.

I was shocked when they announced "It's a boy!" I can't wait to see your smiling face each day. I practice my dinosaur ROAR even when you're not around. I am learning that all activities come with dirt. I yern for tight squeezes. I prayed for a momma's boy just like you!

Glitter and Dirt

I'm a Momma of both

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