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The Challenges of Breast Feeding

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

The truth about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding HURTS

Let's be honest here, another human sucking milk out of your breast every 2 hours can not possibly feel great. IT HURTS. Birthing a child in to the world is an unforgettable moment. An incredible thing happens to mom's body the moment that your baby arrives into the world, your body recognizes that it is not pregnant any longer and it begins to produce milk. The skin of breasts are very sensitive and need to be calloused.

It Takes Time

Nursing your baby to a healthy weight and age is a practice in patience. An infant's stomach on day 1 is only about the size of a cherry. By day 7, the stomach has increased to about the size of an apricot. Once we realize that their stomach is not very big, it's easier to understand how these little people must eat frequently. This may also help us understand as adults although 10-15 nursing may not seem like a long time, but that time takes a lot of work for your little baby.

Relishing in the small moments with your baby and taking this time to bond with your new baby can make this time spend more bearable and hopefully an enjoyable experience.

Stick with It

Once your baby is born and you begin to get back to a some what normal life, it is important to realize that your time is no longer dictated by you. Baby is Boss. A woman's body was created to carry, birth, and nourish a tiny human for a length of time. Breast feeding is hard and takes up time, but it is totally worth it. The time and effort that you spend on feeding your baby is irreplaceable and immeasurable. Although, there are alternatives for breastfeeding that can give your baby the nourishment that they need, I believe that the benefits to being about the breast feed are more than convenience of formula.

Stick With It!! The beginning of something new is always challenging, but it does get easier... I promise.

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