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The Mom Schedule

As a mom, we take care of everyone and everything. I find myself adding to the family calendar daily!! I am a full time working mom with 4 kiddos and a husband. I am constantly working on school schedules, planning doctors appointments, birthday parties, play dates, and dinner. Not only do I have to prioritize all activities for the family, but I have also come to realize that I am organizing other data like, who ate what meal and when, making sure that the same outfits are not worn multiple times in a week, and the dreaded poop schedules.

I speak with moms all the time, and often we express ourselves as "Tired." I think that our brains are just over loaded with all the information that we are trying to keep track of. And that not even including our daily jobs. For me, as a teacher, I add on the 17 students in my classroom along with my family. Keeping track of who has turned in which assignments, parent names and phone numbers, younger siblings to wave to, transportation needs, who is present, (And not with Covid) who is Quarantined??

I find that creating a family calendar that all activities and appointments are added to is the most effective way for me. We use color coding on google calendar, so that everyone knows who has what and when. I also use an app on my phone to keep track of the babies eating, peeing, and pooping. This helps eliminate another piece of paper in the pile.

By far, the best thing I have learned for myself about the Mom schedule is to

give myself a break. Moms get tired and worn out. It's ok to take a break from laundry, cleaning, scheduling, chauffeuring, and meal prepping to just relax. Sit down on the couch and watch a show, go for a girls weekend, take a bath by yourself, go on a date night, sit in a quiet room with your bible. Take time for You. You will be a much better mom, wife, person for it.

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